Knives Out (2019)

Certified Cringeworthy

9.6% 100 9.6% Audience Cringe Score (188 votes)*

Sex Scene




Sexual Violence


We've determined Knives Out is NOT SAFE to watch with parents or kids.

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User Reviews

14m7h3r0457833f 1 year ago

No sex scenes. Who the hell said this?

rara 1 year ago

The 12.2% who has voted for not safe, they must be trying be funny.

Tea 1 year ago

This movie doesn't have any sex scenes. Only mentions the word briefly.

lotfi 8 months ago

there are no sex scenes

briant 7 months ago

There are no sex scenes, but there is some language of a sexual nature. Quote from the movie: "What did the Nazi child masturbating in the bathroom say?" I must say those scenes were mildly uncomfortable, but not enough to make it certified cringeworthy. It's a great family movie.

ampa 5 months ago

Its totally safe and also really great movie

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* 9.6% of CringeMDB users flagged the content of Knives Out as being inappropriate for children to watch with their parents because of either of a nude scene, a sex scene, or a scene depicting rape or sexual violence.

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