The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Certified Cringeworthy

93.1% 100 93.1% Audience Cringe Score (2587 votes)*

Sex Scene




Sexual Violence


We've determined The Wolf of Wall Street is NOT SAFE to watch with parents or kids.

CringeMDb Staff Says:

Don't watch this with your parents - just don't. There are male butts, female breasts, all-male orgies, graphic sex scenes, and drugs/combined with sex in a unique way. The movie seems to enjoy experimenting with the limits of what you can do with the human posterior in a film. Lots of thrusting - be warned.

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Title: The Wolf of Wall Street Official Trailer

Upload date: 2013-06-17 05:40:12

Description: From Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese comes The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Follow Th...

Copyright year: 2013

* 93.1% of CringeMDB users flagged the content of The Wolf of Wall Street as being inappropriate for children to watch with their parents because of either of a nude scene, a sex scene, or a scene depicting rape or sexual violence.

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