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Eric Roberts

The majority of Eric Robertss films DO contain sexual content.

55.2% 100 55.2% Featured Movie Cringe Score (105 movies)

Eric Roberts Movie Credits

Certified Parent-Safe

Mercy Streets Rome

The Wayshower Parley Hinkins

Border Blues Coyote Larry

Deadline Ronnie Bullock

La Cucaracha Walter Pool

Hitman's Run Tony Lazorka / John Dugan

Christmas in Compton Tommy Maxell

Past Perfect Dylan Cooper

Sector 4: Extraction Black Knight CEO

Royal Kill Dad

By the Sword Alexander Villard

Hunt to Kill Lee Davis

The Long Ride Home Sheriff Hank Bowman

Self Storage Walter

Lonely Hearts Frank

Strange Frequency Bob Henry (segment "My Generation")

The King's Guard Augustus Talbert

The Condemned 2 Frank Tanner

Leaves of the Tree Patrick

The Reliant Mr. Jones

Wolves of Wall Street Dyson Keller

Bonnie & Clyde: Justified Frank

The Rally - LA Santiago

Descending Angel Michael Rossi

Christmas Rush Scalzetti

Final Analysis Jimmy Evans

Enemies Among Us Cobbs

Pop Star Mr. Esposito

Amazing Racer Mitchell Prescott

Crimes of the Past Robert Byrne

Compadres Dalton

National Security Nash

My Date with Drew Himself

Rumors of Wars Zurn

In The Name of God Wallace

The Expendables James Monroe

Most Wanted Assistant Deputy Director Spencer

Road to the Open Tim Gollant

The Cable Guy Eric Roberts

Mindstorm David Mendez

Head Full of Honey Dr. Holst

Assault on Wall Street Lawyer Patterson

Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft Mr. Sebastian

Westbrick Murders John Barrow

The Dark Knight Sal Maroni

Beautifully Broken

Cross: Rise of the Villains Mack

Certified Cringeworthy

It's My Party Nick Stark

The Immortals Jack

TripFall Mr. Eddie

Power 98 Karlin Pickett

Wrong Number Josh Grey

Stiletto Dance Kit Adrian

Facade Colin Wentworth

Restraining Order Robert Woodfield

BlackJacks Mr Cromwell

Freefall Grant Orion

Raptor Sheriff Jim Tanner

Public Enemies Arthur Dunlop

Nature of the Beast Adrian (Dusty)

BitterSweet Mr. Venti

Endangered Species Police Lt. Mike Sullivan

American Strays Martin

Con Games Officer Hopkins

The Steam Experiment Grant

Heaven's Prisoners Bubba Rocque

No Alibi Victor Haddock / Stanley Joiner

Snow White: A Deadly Summer Grant

White T

The Glass Cage Montrachet

L.A. Slasher The Mayor

A Hitman in London The Executive

Taco Shop Old School Eddie

Jesse Chris

Night Walk Jude

Bloodwork Man in Suit

Two Shades of Blue Calvin Stasi

2 Bedroom 1 Bath Dr. Philip Tenenbaum

Lansky Ben "Bugsy" Siegel

The Institute Dr. Torrington

The Specialist Tomas Leon

The Prophecy II Michael

Bed & Breakfast Mr. Hopewell

Fast Sofa Robinson

The Civilization of Maxwell Bright Arlis

Deadly Sanctuary Tugg

Phat Girlz Robert Myer

Witless Protection Wilford Duvall

The Hot Flashes Lawrence Humphrey

Ktown Cowboys Al

Luck of the Draw Carlo

DOA: Dead or Alive Donovan

The Wicked Within Dr. Woods

Spun The Man

Killer Weekend Jack Talbot

The Tomb Vaslev

Lovelace Nat Laurendi

The Grave Cass

A Remarkable Life Jack

Papa Dr. Eric Owens

Break a Leg Michael Richard Lange

Inherent Vice Michael Z. Wolfmann

Cecil B. Demented Honey's Ex

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints Antonio

The Last Shot Eric Roberts