Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Certified Cringeworthy

80.0% 100 80.0% Audience Cringe Score (30 votes)*

Sex Scene




Sexual Violence


We've determined Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is NOT SAFE to watch with parents or kids.

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lookout 2 years ago

I remember watching Kis Kiss, Bang Bang with my mother a few years back and she said something along the lines of "Michelle Monaghan is famous, she shouldn't have to bare her breasts in this movie. When was this made?" But I think she liked it over all. Let's not forget our parents are adults. And who the heck is actually upset at the sight of a human female breast?!?

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* 80.0% of CringeMDB users flagged the content of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as being inappropriate for children to watch with their parents because of either of a nude scene, a sex scene, or a scene depicting rape or sexual violence.

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